My Perfect Smart Watch - accessorous
My Perfect Smart Watch - accessorous
My Perfect Smart Watch - accessorous
My Perfect Smart Watch - accessorous

My Perfect Smart Watch

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We all love this watch because……

This smart watch is feather light with only 31g, which makes it very comfortable to wear while playing sports or sleeping. 

The screen has a 64-color reflective display with anti-fingerprint coating. It performs perfectly well in outdoor environments, since the brighter the sunlight is, the clearer the display looks, making it ideal for outdoor sports.

Most importantly, this watch can precisely quantify your physical state. It integrates an innovative health assessment system which measures the personal activity intelligence (PAI), indicating the impact of your physical activity on your heart and guiding you to a longer and healthier life. Backed by one of the world’s largest health studies, maintaining 100 PAI or more is scientifically proven to provide maximum protection from heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.

This watch is waterproof to 50m. You can wear it while swimming and record swimming data at the same time. Moreover, it also has 10 sports modes, which provide data such as track display, speed, heart rate, distance reminders, and most importantly, excessive heart rate reminders, making you safer when playing sports.

This super watch has an outstanding battery life. Charging once (which takes around 2.5 hours), your watch battery can last for 40 days on average for typical usage. 

This watch has a built-in GPS chip. Through several product updates and iterations, as well as continuous optimization and adjustment, it performs even better in satellite search speed, positioning accuracy, and power consumption. The GPS can operate continuously for 22 hours.

This watch also has rich and useful reminder functionality. Messages can be read directly on the watch screen. When the phone receives a call, the watch will vibrate and display a reminder. The alarm clock, weather forecast, and world clock features bring even more convenience to your life.

The simple and fashionable design of this watch will go great with any outfit and any occasion.

All these features just make it a perfect smart watch.

  • Functions: heart rate tracker, sleep tracker, passometer, call reminder, push message, message reminder, alarm clock, calendar
  • Support devices: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
  • Support languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean
  • RAM: <128MB 
  • Dimensions: 42 x 35.3 x 11.4mm
  • Body material: polycarbonate
  • Supported device: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
  • Band length: approximately 11+8.5 cm (Circlelength)
  • Band width: approximately 20 mm